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no sound from Honda jazz radio?

i have a 2003 Honda jazz, the radio/cd illuminates but no sound output and unable to tune radio and preset buttons do not work. i have removed it and stripped it down but cannot see any obvious faults. i heated the unit up with a hair drier and then it operated ok?? any ideas which component could cause this proble? thanks

January 2009

Need to mend your Honda in-car cassette/radio?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Remove radio from car, take top off radio, remove cd from radio pcb by removing 4 screws;

May 2019

Hello all

How do I remove the CD player?


Antonio Santos
February 2018

Hi to all, I have problem with my radio of my Honda Jazz 2003, I have already repleace the IC 502 but now my radio is stuck on 87.50 mhz, no sound, but cd player work good.
Can you help me?
I try to disconnect the radio for one entire day but nothing, still stuck on 87.50 mhz
Could be a capacitor problem?
Thank you

May 2017

Had exactly the same problem with my 2003 Jazz, was quoted £1200 from Honda for new Radio !! No way.
Undertook repair as described by M. T. Wallit and replaced IC 502 with ROHM BA08CCOWFP-E2 cost £4.44 from Farnell including P & P.
Be aware getting the Radio out of dash for me was not easy as clips were very still, also would not recommend replacing the chip with DIY tools it's a skilled job! Most Computer repair companies in my area South London would not undertake this work. Found " Just Electronics Ltd " 020 8241 6959 in Sutton who replaced the chip (£10.00). Radio now working fine.

April 2017

Remove radio from car, take top off radio, remove cd from radio pcb by removing 4 screws;

Remove the circuit board from the radio housing, to do this you will have to de-solder an earthing link to bend it out of the way and remove 4 screws;

I too replaced the voltage regulator with a ROHM BA08CC0WFP-E2, I couldn't do the soldering myself so I took the circuit board and new voltage regulator to the local computer repair shop who did it in less than half an hour and charged a fiver;

Then it's just a case of assembly is the reversal of removal.

December 2016

I found a problem .it was a bad trace on board in the frond side under the radio on the left were you see two capasitors .i place a plastic spacer pushing the board more problem.

George vorgias
November 2016

I have a Honda Jazz 2005 and the radio does not sound, I saw that the resolution of the problem was the following components (IC502, BA08CC0WFP-E2) will be possible to send the pictures / video of these components?

Nelson pt
June 2016

just replaced the IC502 with the ROHM BA08CC0WFP-E2 as suggested in earlier answers and it has fixed the problem with my radio! A little fiddly but really not that difficult and now radio works perfectly. £2 off ebay for the new component!

Thanks to all for the help.

May 2016

Hello same issue here and im trying to locate where the Ba00As someone give litle help plz.

May 2016


Just came back to tell you that replacing the ROHM BA08CC0WFP-E2, did solve the issue.

It is not easy to replace if you don't have proper solder iron and technique. The ic 502 is on a tight space and the issue is that you have a couple of nearby capacitors that don't let you easily solder a new in place.

The first IC502 I've replaced broke because I don't have good technique and soldering iron, and small space to work.

The second one I got I decided to take the board out and remove two capacitors that made the ic502 soldering more difficult. I even had to replace those two capacitors because they didn't came out and ended damaging them. But look, this is very cheap to replace and can get new ones for cents in local stores.

After that it was easy to replace the IC502, soldering went without issue. Be careful don't apply two much eat.

I hope this helps. And good luck.

February 2016

I have the same issue, Honda Jazz 1.2 2002. Fm not working: no audio, no scan, no nothing.

What I did was: remove the radio, open up the case (remove the CD player case inside), identify the Ic502 and apply a little solder at all the pins.

I reconnected the radio and it worked for maybe 5 minutes until it fails. Took it apart again, applied more head with soldering iron and also with a heat gun (take very care with that one).

Now it worked, maybe for 30 minutes and failed again.

No doubt it is the IC502, so I'm going for Tadas suggestion and get a ROHM BA08CC0WFP-E2. I'll post my results after the replacement.

> Filipe Sousa: you need to take about 3 or 4 screws from the top of that Cd Player case and them gently pull him up, it will pop out for sure. Good Luck.

December 2015

I can't take the CD case in order to reach the motherboard.

Filipe Sousa
December 2015

Dear friends,

I resoldered into this one ROHM BA08CC0WFP-E2. The same size, the same pinouts number, it is easier to get it and it has to be 8V output at this point in schema. And now, I don't have any problems more than half year.

November 2015

Hello everyone.

I have the same problem. I've managed to remove the radio but I don't know what is that part like or where can I find it.

Please help.

Thank you

Filipe Sousa
November 2015

worked for me-
Radio freeze: no audio ,no channel change, no am, & everything else working.
resoldered IC502 BA00AST (top RHS), covered in varnish. Just applied a little solder to burn varnish and hopefully resolder the dry joint underneath.
Radio now working

September 2015

I bought a Honda Jazz which has a radio cassette player I've found the cassette won't eject one of the reasons I bought the car was for the cassette player for sentimental reasons after I lost my mum I learned to drive in Her old Honda Civic and I played all her tape compilations makes me feel close to her but I've got Tom Jobes constantly now as I can't remove the cassette anybody have any ideas! I don't want a CD player I just want to drive n listen to my mums tapes x

July 2015

Hi, same problem , where do I buy this part from please

Paul carter
June 2015

a BA00AST has 5 legs not 3 so how was this fitted please

March 2015

Confirmed. Replacing BA00AS did the trick. Thanks!!!

February 2015

The problem is not with the BA00AS: i've just received my radio from the technician, he replaced the BA00AS and the radio is still dead.
So, don't believe in Gareth...

Antonio (Portugal)
February 2015

I have the same problem with an 2004 Honda Jazz.
The radio is in the technician with the information about the BA00AS, he is trying to buy the component in Germany (it doesn't exist in Portuguese stores).

Antonio (Portugal)
January 2015

Have the same issue on a 2004 Jazz. Gareth, do you have a link to the regulator I would need? Got the unit out ok, haven't dettached the cd from the radio yet, I presume this regulator is on the board itself?

December 2014

Had exactly the same problem. CD worked just fine but no output in radio mode at all. Could not tune or use the preset buttons either.
Stripped radio last night, took CD player off board and replaced the BA00AS with a slightly larger BA00AST that I sourced off ebay for four quid! Very simple to do, just desoldered the existing and soldered on the pins to the new one, slightly fiddly to get it in the right place and not damage the board, but as long as you don't use too much heat you should be fine. The IC 502 8v regulator is right at the front of the board and clearly marked. Yo ucan also find plenty of spec pdfs for the BA00AST online with the pin out diagrams.

August 2014

Found this fault, Dry joints on IC 502, 8 Volt Regulator.

MAS Audio
March 2014

I have the same problem - the CD player works fine but the radio will note tune in - The radio is made in China and I guess not to the same standards as the the japanese equivalent. I am really fed up with HONDA - I have never had a car radio fail and now the Power of Dreams has changed that.

August 2011

mam ten sam problem i nie mogę sobie z nim poradzić

July 2009

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I followed your instructions and got the tape out safely.

Mar 2019

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