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Question - mend, repair, fix

I have a VTech cordless phone base with two handsets.?

I have a VTech 5.8 cordless phone base with two handsets.
I have lost one headset.
I bought a new base and handset.
How do I use both handsets with one base?

John denney
January 2010

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

1. Place handsets in base one at a time.
2. Always return them at the same place.
3. Use the phone that is not charging.
4. When the phone on the base is charged enough (overnight), you can interchange the phones.
5. If the uncharged phone no longer has any battery, also change the phones.

June 2011

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my son has put his camera into water how can i fix this...

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how too fix my vtech phone if it says not registered?

how too fix my vtech phone if it says not registered...

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How can I fix my Vtech model #LS6245 handset ?

I dropped it in water and now it is charging in the base, no nada. There are 4 small skrews in the battery compartment. Should I open the phone up? I think the warrenty is voided by immersion....

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vtch model 2625 dies have to pullout batteries to work?

My vtech model 2625 dies. I pull the batteries, reinstall and now it is ready for the charger. Will work for awhile then dies again. I replaced the batteries. Same thing. Any ideas what's wrong...

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how can I fix my handset?

I dropped one of two handsets in water. I let it dry out for a couple of days, but it still isn't working. It is a vtech, Model no. 6042, "DECT 60". Two handsets and answering machine. I contacted vtech, and they won't fix it, and I can't buy just one handset apparently. And suggestions?...

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cordless phone dropped in water?

Is there any way to repair or fix or replace a phone that has been dropped in water? Please help. vtech 5.8ghz model #5877....

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progra vtech cordless phone?

i have a cordless vtech phone,i lost papers i need to program...

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Vtech 2625?

The base unit generates static, and the voice breaks up. Both handsets seem to be OK....

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Help wanted!
Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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