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Question - mend, repair, fix

Can i get My Ugg Boots re soled?

My Ugg Boots are losing their grip because the soles are wearing out with constant wear. Can i get the repaired

Susan Anita Ashworth
November 2010

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i am really disapointed wuth my uggs i only had them about 6 months bedore the sole wore down ro the fabric the sole is likr foam and i can't find anywhere to repair them what a waste of $250 any other shoes i have paid over $200 for have lasted me 3+ years

nicole a
November 2012

I have a great shoemaker in Hackensack, NJ. He's done great work w/ other difficult shoes. My super comfy (6 y-o) size 12 man-Uggs are just beginning to wear down around the heel. When he gets done with the, they won't say Uggs on the sole anymore but they will be wearable for another5 years.

May 2012

Bill's Shoe Repair in Midland Park, NJ replaces soles on almost everything.

January 2011

I went into the UGG store today as i want my to be resoled too and they said that they CANNOT be repaired or resoled! over £200 and they cant even be repaired when they need to be! I think it is absolutely disgusting that they quite willingly take a large sum of money off you knowing that you are going to wear them, the soles are going to lose grip and go flat and fail to mention that they cannot be repaired!
there is a site ( that suggests that you can send them off to be mended but i am scepitcal as i tried to get them mended at a local shoe resolers who said they could do them but when i took them back in to have them fixed they then told me that UGG has stopped doing them as when they took the exsisting soles off a large majority of boots fell apart.
I have had mine for less than a year and brought a similar pair from primark at a similar time and they are still going strong! Hummmm....!

November 2010

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Help wanted!
Many thanks for the answers. I was fearing a £99 callout charge.

Dec 2019

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