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Clothing, Shoes (142 other questions)
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Mend > Shoes

Question - mend, repair, fix

how can I fix my squeaky shoes?

how can I stop squeaky shoes from making noise?

September 2011

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

If they are leather try this: Fill shoes with scrunched up newspaper to retain their shape. Add 2 tablespoons of white spirit vingar to the same amount of lemon juice (freeshly squeezed). Pour together and add a cup of boiling water - leave till cold. With a soft sponge wipe over the out side of the shoes and leave to dry. Do this 3/4 times. Walk in the shoes...if sill again.

October 2011

Wear a different pair of shoes. Women usually have more pairs than they need anyway.

September 2011

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I have a adidas rubber shoes and some parts of it has synthetic leather. But when i washed it, most of the synthetic was removed. I didn't know it'll be like that. Now i am wondering what paint should i use to restore my flaked synthetic shoes?...

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Just saved myself £99. Many thanks for the solution. Took 2 minutes.

May 2020

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