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Panasonic RC-6236 bulb replacement?

I just got a Panasonic RC-6236 with both bulbs out (the radio and the clock one). What types of bulbs does it use and how would I open up the clock and replace them?

April 2012
I got one recently and replaced both bulbs recently. As far as taking it apart, remove all the plastic knobs first by pulling them straight off (they are just press fit onto metal shafts), then remove all the screws on the bottom EXCEPT for two of them that are directly below the flip numbers. The top will then come off fairly easily, but i think the speaker and its cord will still be attached to the top piece by screws, so be careful. After the top is off remove the clear plastic front panel (don't remember if it just slides out or not). To get at the radio light bulb, unscrew the radio scale panel. It takes a bayonette base 6 volt 250 milliamp bulb. The bulb for the clock will need to be soldered in, I used a 6 volt 60 milliamp bulb that had a lead already on it. I picked both of the (incandescent) bulbs up at radioshack for $1-$2 each. I'm probably forgetting a step but this should get you started. Also, while the cover is off, that is a good chance to clean some of the electrical contacts inside the radio. Use some electrical contact cleaner (radioshack or auto parts store) and spray it inside the housing of any switches and move the switches back and forth. Also spray it inside the housing of the volume control and the tuner assembly (it's probably a clear plastic cube with some metal plates inside) and move each of them through their full range of motion, this will stop the crackling when you change stations or volume and may help sound quality. Wait for the cleaner to dry before powering up the radio. Like I said I have the same radio and the sound quality is AWESOME!!!

July 2012


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