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Staiger radio-controlled clock - now out of control?

I have a Staiger radio-controlled wall clock.
I inserted a new battery on Monday and after a while the minute hand whizzed round with the hour hand gently following [the second hand remained on 17 seconds past]. It kept whizzing round.
It is now Saturday, 5 days later, and the minute hand is still whizzing round and round. Any comments??

alan uk
January 2022
Edit: this might help:

January 2022
The clock should fast forward but no more than one full circuit of the hours hand and should stop, almost certainly at the 12:00 position or, possibly, at the 04:00 or 08:00 position, whichever comes first and dependent on exactly how the particular movement is built. The clock then "knows" the time it is indicating and can then step forwards to show the right time of day as soon as it gets a complete and valid update from the radio source.
It looks like your clock can no longer sense when the hands are in the reference position.
I doubt there's much you can do, other than maybe search eBay and Amazon etc, for a generic radio controlled movement with the correct spindle length and which will either accept your existing hands or come with hands the right size.
Or just get a nice new clock.

January 2022

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