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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can i fix slow opening ie 10?

how can I fix ie 10 it opens slow on startup?

April 2013

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Use Firefox instead

April 2013

Peccavi tips are good. Some additional ones:

If ie, any version, is to slow to start, it's often due to to many addons and tool bars.

Try starting ie without addons. Start only those you realy want or absolutey need. Uninstall all the others.

Disable and uninstall the mostly useless and redundent third party toolbars. The toolbars from anti-virus are among the useless ones...

If Windows itself is slow to start, try disabling any preloaders and quick starters. They only make the computer slower to start.

Cleanup your startup folder in the start menu.

Many icons in the notification area are not realy needed. I have full functionality with only 4 icons in addition of the 3 system ones. Set any you don't realy need all the time to NOT start with Windows.

Uninstall any application you no longer use.

Install and run Ccleaner. It's a marvelous cleaning utility. To be used about every 1 to 3 months.
File clutter can bog you down.

For any hard drive, but NOT CCD ones, get some good defragmenter, like Defraggler or some other. Set it to run every week, or set a "smart" schedule if available.
File fragmentation on a hard drive impose a severe performance loss. CCD drives don't need defragmentation as there are no moving parts.

April 2013

There's a start-up list - programmes that get pre-loaded at start time.

The command msconfig brings up a configuration window that lets you look at them and prune out the ones you don't need. My startup list has seven out of about 30 entries sheduled to run. You will not break your machine if you deselect all of them.

Secondly there will be spyware software that sends details of your browsing habits to marketing companies so that they might sell it on - you can eliminate this with free programmes like Malwarebytes and Spybot.

Many people are moving away from Internet Explorer in favour of Firefox and particularly Google Chrome both reputed to be faster than IE. It will do no harm to download both of them and try them out.

Lastly the Taskbar - the bar that appears at the bottom of the screen - from this you can start Task Manager which will show you which applications are running and more importantly what process and how much CPU time they're using.

Do not be tempted to do anything drastic like adding extra memory to make the machine run faster - it's still running at the speed it always did when it was brand new - it's just that it's being asked to do more things. Extra memory will not change the list of things to do.

If there are rogue programmes running and you decide to delete them sometimes if your machine is Vista or Windows7 you will be told that only the administrator can remove the programmes... These operating systems have a Hidden Administrator account which you may need to enable ...

Good luck...

April 2013

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