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how can i unblock my hotmail id?

my email id on hot mail is blocked because i entered wrong password many times. Now my id is blocked. They ask me to reset the password but my alternative email id is not working as well. How can i unblock my id. I am very worried.

October 2010
After about 7 months, that acount no longer exists.
Any messages it contained are gone for ever.
Your contact list is also gone for ever and you'll need to reconstruct it.

You can recreate it, possibly with the same user name if nobody have registered with that name since then.

Make sure that you write your password clearly and save that in more than one place: A text file and on paper at least.
Make sure that you have an alternative e-mail address that you keep active. Make sure that your password for that acount is also safe.

Take your time when entering your password to prevent errors.

If possible, look if you can use some password manager that will enter that password automaticaly for you. Most browsers have such a functionality.

Whenever you enter the wrong password from a remote location, wait about 1 day before trying again, or do it from your computer the next time.
Several wrong passwords in a short time is often interpreted as a hacking attempt.

On a portable, you must set a master password that you must enter before the auto-fill can work.
Not realy needed for a desktop computer.

May 2011

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