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Ford fiesta 2001 zetec 1.25 problems HELP !!!!?

Hi all, Have a nightware with my 2001 Ford fiesta 1.25 zetec se ghia 5 door i bought the car as a non-runneras the previous owner over filled it with oil and he hadn't servided it in 2years either so i saved the poor motor haha :) now ive done a full service - spark plugs, oil, oil filter, pollen filter, air filter, full coolant change. Car was running great then i found the Brake master cyclinder was leaking brake fluid so i fixed that then i start the car again and everything when bad now the car is mis-firing, choking, shaking, water like liquid coming out the exhaust and the revs are bouncing even when idle in neutral and i can not control the revs onlys at 4,000 and the engine management light is flashing on and off randomly and i mean RANDOMLY like sometimes when i start up the car or sometimes when i have it running idle for a while. Now i'm a 3rd year apprentice mechanic so i buy and sell cars to help my low income. Now i've checked the coil and plugs there all sparking the leads are carring current fine theres no rips or corrosion on the leads or coil pack. When i first got the car it did have the engine management light on and the code was PO420 i cant remeber it was catalytic convertor treshold something anyway i didn't have alot of money so i went against my gut and bought a bottle of cataclean it was meant to fix the problem with the catalytic convertor and turn of the engine light but to my surprize it worked 100% amd done everything it said it would do ! anyway any advice or experience in what my problem may be ? i'm thinking trottle body/ mass air flow meter or EGR Valve ? thanks

July 2014

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What was the brake fluid leaking onto?

July 2014

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The question: ford fiesta 2001 zetec 1.25 problems HELP !!!!?
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Ford Fiesta 1.25 pops out of gear to neutral?

Ford Fiesta 1.25 pops out of gear to neutral...

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ford street ka 05?

Hi my girlfriend had there's light come on. I re set fault code but it returns on reaching 25 mph. Ford Software threw up most likely fault ft driver abs sensor no signal or corrupt signal.. Just ordered new one. Any one know if this will cure it or could it be something else?...

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My car is missing its a 2001 Ford Fiesta zetec s 1.25?

I have got a 2001 1.25 Ford Fiesta zetec s and it keeps missing and lacks power, what can I do to solve it? I've changed the idle control valve because a few people said it would be that, can anybody help?...

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Ford Fiesta 1.25, 2001 engine wont start when hot?

I have a 2001 ford fiesta 1.25 engine, it has only done 3000 miles and until the last 10 months was sat in a garage. It has been idle for 10 months but is now back on the road. It starts fine when the engine is cold, but as soon as it has been driven and the engine has heated up it fails to start. T...

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What mileage should I get from 2006 Petrol Ford Focus?

I have a 2006 Petrol Ford Focus Zetec Climate 1.6 Auto. It seems to burn through petrol. I get approx 25 miles to the gallon. Is this right, or does it indicate a problem?...

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ford fiesta has no spark?

please help, got problem starting my ford fiesta 1.25 ghia with zetec s engine,i have no spark at plugs,check all connections etc and they seem to be fine,could it be coil pack or relays etc...

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how can i fix over heating on my ford fiesta 1998 1.25?

temp gauge goes up and down always blows hot air smell of burning and fan keeps tripping in and steams. water stay level in expansion tank...

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Ford fiesta Mk 4 auto, acceleration problem?

Hi i have a ford fiesta mk 4 ghia automatic, i start her up and pull off drive way, but have to put my foot virtually to the floor with accelerator to get her to do more then 25...was told it could be air filter, but havent a clue, as im a woman driver, and shes my first car...Any help greatly appre...

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Amazing. Thank you for this ingenious fix.

Nov 2020

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