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i have a Vauxhall corsa club 12 v 2001 problem?

iv only had this for about 2 month and within that time i have had to fill the engine coolant on 2 occasions because it was bone dry, i had a look about and havent noticed any leaks so im not sure what was happening there. anyway shortly after filling it with engine coolant for the second time i started to have trouble trying to start it and the service light was on so i booked it into a local garage. they couldnt find any problems but gave it a look over and run some sealant through it to fix any leaks he might of missed and told me i was good to go. when i started my car the service light was no longer there but instead the malfunction light was on ( one that looks like a little engine) i drove it around for 20 minutes or so before getting home and it stayed on the whole way. once i got home i turned the car off left it for about an hour and tried to start the car and it just wouldnt start also the oil light started flashing. i called the garage back and they are going to come out and have another look at it. im just wondering if anyone knows what the problem is and is it a common fault with these cars?

July 2015

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ok thanks for your input, i really hope its not a head gasket problem, yes the oil is fine, i also get a fuel smell every now and then when the engine is on i hope it has nothing to do with the emissions or catalytic converter. i havent taken it back to the garage just yet i plan on doing so soon. i just checked the fault code and the service light flashed once paused flashed 10 times paused flashed 3 times paused flashed 3 times paused and flashed 5 times. from what i can gather the fault code is p0335?? possibly something to do with the crankshaft?

July 2015

There must be fault codes there if your management light is on and a good code reader/Tech2 should pick those up,if you can`t see any leaks then your engine must be using water internally which usually means a head off job for a look at your head gasket etc,a pressure test of the head may be worth looking at also. I take it there is plenty of oil in the engine itself but do know oil press. switches were a problem on these and also the filter itself may be worth changing. good luck.

July 2015

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Amazing. Thank you for this ingenious fix.

Nov 2020

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