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Water in front footwell of my Renault Grand Scenic?

I have been looking around for a solution to both my front storage compartments filling up with water, I have now found the problem, which I very much think is a design fault by Renault. Should our cars be wet and being damaged for months on end before we find a solution? I contacted Renault UK this am, they want to charge me £86 to have a look at it, despite being aware of the problem!! If this is a general Renault problem, then shouldn't they sort it out? If there is a number of us, can we not join forces to sort this out? I fear that my electrics are also slightly damaged by months of this, I think it should be Renaults responsibility to sort this out! Cars are expensive enough as it is, should they not look after their customers??

February 2016

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If you have a sun roof the drain off is blocked it is located rear of front wheel behind inner wing cover it is a valve on the end of drain off pipe remove it and give it a good clean in sink be careful when you remove it as water shoots out

Geoff britton
February 2016

Good Luck does not even know what a Renault Grand Scenic looks like - but he has just last week spent half a day removing condensation mould from a Ford Focus - whichever way the moisture might be entering ventilation will be needed to dry it out.

Once moisture gets into the passenger compartment of a car it's difficult to dry it out - don't you think?

More Good Luck...
February 2016

Never buy a Renault!!!!!!!!!!!

February 2016

I am unsure how familiar "Good Luck" is, with the Renault Grand Scenic, as water in the front footwell - and in the storage compartments under the mats in the front footwell - is not uncommon, as a simple Google search would have indicated, along with the cure.

See this:

February 2016

By front storage compartments you may well mean the map pocket in each front door panel - the other compartment with a lid on the passenger side is the glove compartment.

If you leave the vehicle with no ventilation then as the car cools the warm air inside will dump the moisture it contains on the inside surfaces. The floor mats and seats will act like a sponge and soak it up. Moisture will condense on the windows and drip into the map recesses in the doors.

When you next use the car the air inside will warm up and absorb some of the moisture - but not necessarily all of it.

And the process repeats - eventually things will go mouldy.

The solution is ventilation - let the car cool down completely before putting it into a garage - leave a gap in each window if you can.

Alternatively water is entering from the outside which it should not do - but ventilation will help to dry it out anyway.

£86 is very reasonable for an inspection - have you told them about the design fault that you've found?- you do not say here.

Also you are not specific about the damage to the car's electrics.

Good Luck...
February 2016

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where is the reverse light blub on a rear right hand 3 cluster renault grand scenic 2008 ?...

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how can i get my windows up if my renault grand scenic '04' wont start?

My Renault grand scenic has had low oil and low batt light come on for last couple of days and now we had to jump start it to get it back to the house but everything has stopped working on it now with my windows down and parking brake off with bricks under the wheels stopping the car from rolling of...

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i changed the throttle body on my 2004 Renault grand scenic I caught the battery termina wi the spanner wich caused a spark now it wont try n fire...

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I've got a 2005 Grand Scenic and the Electric window dropped and wouldn't close so I replaced the temic module. The Window now opens and closes but the operation is reversed, switch up to open and push down to shut. This means that when I double press the remote lock button the doors lock but the wi...

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Renault Scenic Dash board Repair?

Hi there After reading a few posts on here i'm in need of repairing my Renault Grand Scenic Dash and was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on these companies ICS Cartronix Tachosoft has anyone ever used them and would you recommend them thanks in advance...

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Water inside grand scenic 59 plate?

Hi can anyone help? I have a 59 plate Renault grand scenic 13 days out of warranty! I found my drivers footwell n storage box rain water suspect due to the amount. My heater fan has also stopped running. The water looks like it coming from where the heater is behind th dash. Can anyone help?...

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how can i fix my renault grand senic central locking?

hi i wondering if you could help me to get my central locking to work on my grand scenic i have changed my battery because central locking wouldnt work before and still not working wonder weather its afuse or needs resetting...

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How to fix centre console in Renault Grand Scenic?

the sliding centre console of my 2005 grand scenic is stuck and I need to move it? how can I do this...

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Thanks so much for the life saving tip.

Nov 2020

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