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My passenger door on my Ford focus is jammed ?

Hi could u help me my Ford focus passenger door is jammed it won't open with the key it was opening the other day and them it got stuck all other doors open with key and its central locking

Natalie hyam
September 2017

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inner door panel will have to comes off which is difficult to find fault, could be a rod has come off or could be the latch is faulty and would have to be replaced. ? does the door open from innside of car.

October 2017

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ford mondeo will not start?

my ford Mondeo 07 will not uesally start but when it does it runs very poorly and will not respond to exelleration does any one know why...

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my horn is not working can you tell me where to to find the fuse and replace...

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Focus 05 ?

My boot keeps opening itself when applying my breaks and sitting stationary took it to garage they don’t know what’s wrong with it can u help it’s driving my nuts...

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peugeot 407 steering wheel?

does anyone have any info on how to gain access to the nut that holds the steering wheel on a 2008 peugeot 707,thanks...

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How easy is it to tighten the fan belt on a 2008 Toyota Yaris?

I think the fan belt on my 2008 Toyota Yaris is starting to slip. On some mornings when I start the car and it is idling, I can hear a squeak developing. How easy is it to tighten the fan belt myself?...

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307 cut out and won’t start??

My Peugeot 307 just cut out whilst driving at normal speed. Dash lights everything still on no warning lights or error codes. When trying to start it again its as if the solonoid doesn't kick in the starter just spins. What can be the problem?...

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lights clio?

Dipped lights not workiing dont know fuse layout or where fuse box is...

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My auto Corsa keeps on displaying a snowflake symbol on starting engine.?

It then will only operate in a low gear. But it will eventually disapere when I restart the engine. Does anyone know what causes this symbol, and why it causes the drop in gears. Does anybody know what causes this to happen, and how I can resolve the problem. Thank you: Dave...

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I was about to give up and pay an electrician a call out fee.

Dec 2017

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