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eurosec CP8L Replacement Battery failing?

We had some work done on the house last year and the electrics were disconnected for over a week. Once reconnected the alarm said low battery. I bought a new battery, tested it to make sure it was charged and then popped it in the unit.

The leypad still said low battery but I thought maybe it just needed time to sense the new battery.

Fast forward a month and it's still saying low battery. I took the battery out and tested it, the charge has gone.

The alarm is connected to the mains, why won't it recognize the battery and retain the charge, is there a setting I need to change, like a reset when I replace the battery?

May 2020

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

hi Hannah, ok, to reset keypad simply enter your code and press the reset (bottom right) button. Keypad display should return to ‘unset’.

If battery is low then internal sounder will sound and entering your code will silence it.

I would confirm that you have approx 14v at the battery leads in the control box. Battery needs to be in situe and reading taken in series with the battery.

if you do then battery should recharge. If not then
you need to investigate why. battery has a fuse on the circuit board but depending on version it may be a self resetting type rather than an actual fuse. should be easy to see if it’s an actual fuse.

Hope this helps.

May 2020

thanks Alan, yes the alarm sounded when I removed the casing, i entered my code and it stopped.

no sound after that though, so once I put the casing back on I didn't "reset" anything as there was no alarm, it just still said low battery as it did before. I'll check the manual on how to reset the keypad and try that.

I have a multimeter to test the battery charge, so that's where I'm getting the low readings from.

May 2020

hi hannah, presumably when you opened the control box cover there would have been a tamper warning which you would have had to reset? did low battery show immediately, if so you would have had to enter your code to stop the internal sounder. has the keypad simply shown low battery since then? The display will not return to normal of its own accord, you need to acknowledge the problem and then reset the keypad. there is no change to any settings required.

Assuming the battery is connected properly polarity wise and the battery fuse is intact then after 24 hours or so of a standby charge all should be well.

How are you checking the battery?

I would check that you have correct voltage at the battery leads first, reconnect battery fully then reset
the keypad. If internal sounder immediately sounds and indicates low battery then you have either a connection problem or a duff battery!

May 2020

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May 2020

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