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Peugeot 206- Indicator?

Left indicator coming on by itself and not cancelling . Difficult to switch off as depends where the steering wheel is! Problem with Steering wheel/Indicator control??

January 2005
I have had same problem. Indicate right and when I take steering off right drops straight down to left. Cant remember who suggested it. But i put a piece of thin card folded up in Half just under the slit in stalk while it was indicating to the right and slid the card in just under the stalk. It is just enough to slip under give it a lil wiggle. Put indicator back down. Tried it to the right took steering off and it comes off. Try it left and walaa sorted. Honestly try it. Amazing what a piece of card can do. Just gives it enough resistance to stop it dropping back down

tony waterston
November 2015
I've followed instructions :

and fixed my brothers indicator! thank you!!

I love you!

Joost (Rotterdam Netherlands)
September 2014
The back light has a faulty (bad ground - ) connection

May 2014
hi I hope you can I have Peugeot 206 when I indicator right my back lights go off can you please help thank you

December 2013
If your indicator over cancels I.e. when you indicate right and then when you straighten the wheel it then automatically goes to left indication the cheep fix is to take a brillow pad spunge, chop off the brillow top and take just the spunge, then stuff it and pack it round the base of the stalk through the hole it pops out from. You should find this gives it just enough resistance against it to stop it over cancelling. Save the cost and hastle of changing the unit. Saw this on a utube vid.

September 2013
All useful stuff,it helped me. However if your stalk unit is the all in one type which can only be removed by taking out air bag and steering wheel dont attempt to repair it, its far too complex. I replaced with a used spare which was worse than the original ,so got a new one from Neat Autos,on E bay. Its about £100 cheaper than Dealers. You can also find reconditioned stalks which are cheaper, but you need to send the old one back.
A very expensive business which ever way you do it.

July 2013
My problem is that I don't have any passenger indicator front or back can anyone help? I've checked fuses and bulbs! Thanks

April 2012
Change it, did one today at work, easy 30 minute job. All you need is two torx bits, T20 and T50,a thin flat blade screewdriver and of course a new comms 2000 unit (£130 quid no less).
disconnect then battery and have a 5 minute tea break to allow the capacitor to dicharge (this prevents the airbag accidentally operating should you touch the terminals when disconnecting the thing) remove the shrouds,remove airbag squib from wheel, remove steering wheel,disconnect, remove old unit. then replace in reverse order, recheck as you go and lastly replace battery. To be safe stand outside the car while you turn on ignition incase you have made any mistake (health and safety advice) if all ok make sure car in neutral and start engine,still from outside the vehicle. If all OK you are up and running and ready to go. AND you have saved yourself a £30 garage bill and the inconvenience of no car for the day. IF you think you are more of an academic person than practical please leave it to us professionals, chances are you can not follow simple instructions and are incompetant with simpletools, not everyone mind but enough of you to frighten me, Ha Ha.

Master Mechanic
December 2011
i forgot to say what car i have ha ha its a peugeot 206cc 2003 please see txt below and let me know if you can help x

tracy h
November 2011
i have a slightly different problem! my lights come on all by themselves!!!!! this can happen if i have just used the indicators or just driving along,i feel really embarrased when this happens as the car in front of me thinks that im flashing at them! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

tracy h
November 2011
Just came across this when looking for a solution to this problem. Can add that it has worked for me also :) Saved a few quid at the dealers for a replacement part. many thanks

November 2011
I've got an 02 206 which seems to have the all in one indicator unit described by phantom below. I am experiencing the same symptoms described by most people below, i.e. indicate right and when it self cancels it starts indicating left of its own accord. Does anyone know how to repair this fault on one of the "all in one" units that I seem to have? Thanks.

October 2011
I have the same problem with mine. I will be trying these tips tomorrow, thank you for all your advice.

October 2011
hit the fusebox with a large club hammer its a sure fix :)

hammer man
October 2011
i have a peugeot 206 and the indicator stops on

July 2011
my indicator stops on

July 2011
my indicater kept indicating even when it was in the off position.i cleaned the tracks on the contact inside the housing but this didnt work for me i had to wedge the gap between the off postion and the on postion...u dont need to move it much. im talking stupidily small movement 0.1 mm...hope this can help some ppl

April 2011
Thanks very much rik, I tried it today and it worked a treat, your a star mate

March 2011
Just fixed my 2000 purgeot Roland garos!

The indicators were going crazy! when indicating right the both sides would flash and when indicating left the right would sometimes come on..... anyway, I removed the covers using one of those star shaped allen key things then could clearly see the two screws holding the Indicator stalk in place. Then i took the unit inside. I carefuly prized open the casing using a fine screwdriver... there were 6 clip points to prize open... then just got a cotton bud and wiped clean the curved metal contact track. I also cleaned the pointy metal bit that ran in the track.... Finaly i cliped and screwed it all back together and hey presto!!! a working indicator Stalk!!!! Definatly try to clean it yourself as i have just saved myself a lot of money!!!

Ricky Harrison
January 2011
my lights just turn on by themself and will not allow horn to work,
every thing works fine if i turn lights on ??
is this a total replacement stock required,

November 2010
Dear All,

Please be aware that further to becasso's post re the all-in-one type of stalk assembly being found fitted from 2003 onwards, my daughters 2001/ 51 plate 206LX also has the one piece stalk fitted, despite the 51 plate Haynes manual stating that the indicator stalk is removable on its own (as per Sir Phils most excellent instructions).
So please check carefully; once the shrouds are off if there are NO torx screws next to the indicator stalk base then the steering wheel and airbag need to come off for access, which is not something to toy with. Airbags can seriously injure. And no I'm not a peugeot worker- just be carefull out there!
Latest 2010 price for a new stalk fitted at Peugeot? £269. No wonder we all have a go ourselves.

November 2010
Ive got a slightly different problem on a peugeot 206 (52) HDI LX. I turn the indicator on for either left or right and it cancels its self and the indicator lights cancel too, plus when you turn on the full beams they cancel themselves. Any ideas of whats wrong?

Blonde Bimbo
November 2010
Is the 206 indicator replacement posted by Phil Parker the same as the 307 2003 model?..I have the same problem with the stalk not returning to 'central'

October 2010
2004 307 indicator switch snapped off how do i replace it any tips thanks

September 2010
2004 - 307 indicator damaged go a second hand one how do i fit it what tools do i need

a moran
September 2010
I have just read the comments on here and i have tried the 'hit with a screwdriver behind the fuse box' option and it has worked!!! For how long who knows?

June 2010
peugeot 206 1.1 passenger side indicator lights (front, side & back) will not go out and are on constantly please advise!

June 2010
Hi Guys, I have the same problem and i am going to try do it my self....I am no where silly, but i need a step by step guide ......

May 2010
hi can anyone please help my peuqeot 307 indicator switch has gone bonkers ,when i turn right its fine but when i strighton the wheel up it gose into the left turn indicater insted off going off ,please can anyone help as the garage wants 400 pounds to fix so any help would be most helpfull thank you

April 2010
this is a common fault on the peugeot it is to do with the bsi unit which is under the fuse box on the drivers side underneath the steering wheel,you may find as i did if you were to tap the box wih a screwdriver or similar it may fix the problem it worked for me.

tina warner
March 2010
followed Rik's instructions and wala ! it worked.
Thank you Rik you are a genious.

January 2010
Just go here for an idiot proof illustrated guide to the problem:

December 2009
Thanks everyone for posting these solutions, i followed the instructions and now the indicator unit is working perfectly :)
p.s. to open the box just use a small flat headed screw driver and poke it in the holes around the top of the box
Thanks again guys

Jamie Miller
December 2009
These instructions really helped me - I managed to fix the switch on my car saving a garage bill !

I took photos as I worked and posted them here:

Hope these help someone !

Phil Parker
December 2009
Followed the instructions by Rik and all worked for me. I think the post about metal filings from the switch causing the problem is spot on, Once I'd opened the indicator unit off my 2000 206 I found there to be lots of mettalic looking "dust" at the bottom of the unit where all the brass connections live. Wiped off with a finger and a like oil to the moving parts and hey presto the unit is functioning again.

What you will need:

A t20 and t10 male screwbit and a long enough connector to fit into the sockets under the steering wheel. About an inch or so should do.
A very small flat headed screwdriver to pop the locks on the actual unit. Be gentle, soft plastic.
Unlimited patients to screw everything back together again afterwards!

It's not difficult just a little fiddly. I wish I'd taken pictures now to show how simple it is...

October 2009
Yes it works. T-reg 206L, with |Torx screwdrivers, removal and replacement is easy. pulling the switch unit apart is a bit tricky but be patient and not too heavy handed, start with the corner clips and it will come apart. I just turned the sprung pin thru 90 degrees. Re-assembly of the switch unit is a bit tricky.. the spring loaded runners lock in place, pull the arm off the pivot unit to give yourself the smallest units to work with.

September 2009
I have a 206 1.4 LX reg 52, and it started to get dodgy with the indicator, all the times I indicate right and I put the wheel back at the centre, the indicator turns left alone and I have to cancel it manually.

After reading the posts, I was wondering if the stalk that I got is the one piece one or it can be repaired easily as the old models.


August 2009
where do i begin, i need to take the steering wheel off, but how, plus it has an airbag in it. my indicator stalk is all in one with the wipers

August 2009
Thanks to one and all !
I pretty much endorse everything that has been written.
Best to read all the replies to get general picture of what needs doing.
For myself, the only technical hint I can add is to release the steering wheel adjustment lever on the left when removing the lower cowling (remember to do up again when finished!).
As an added bonus, when looking for Torx screwdrivers I popped into local store which sells lots of cheap goods (similar to Poundland selling Blackspur stuff) and picked up a set of 6 Torx keys (including 10 & 20) for £1.99 !!
Local Peugeot dealer quoted £43 plus VAT for new stalk.
So 30 mins work & £1.99 saved time, money & inconvenience.

July 2009
Just repaired a 2001 unit. 4 torx screws to remove the switch wiggle it a bit (the wiring connections are secured by a locking toggle in the middle of the connectors which need depressing). Oil, (WD 40 might be risky as it insulates contacts) the springs and toggle that springs out; replace and bobs your uncle. 15 minute job.

dave the rave
July 2009
I tryed the squirt of WD40 up the whole. Seems to have done the trick for now. Nice one chaps.

May 2009
The solution posted here worked for me, however i didnt really need to oil the plates. It turns out that the little black stick thing that stick out of the right side of the unit (it has spring attatched to it inside) was not springing back in and was sticking, it came out of place, so i popped it back in, put some oil on the plates just incase an popped the thing back on. the whole thing works perfect now!

thanks a lot!!

April 2009
Had the same fault as everyone else.

Bit tricky to get the top of the housing off, but found the ball connecter thing (you can actually see where it's wearing away), turned it and oiled the track (exactly what Rik said to do) AND wooP! now works a treat!


March 2009
On my Y reg 206, just tried suggestions from Scott and Jim, but couldn't get the block open, so I sprayed some WD40 up it and wiggled it about. Reassembled it (a bit scary) and it works fine!


March 2009
Please be very careful and be aware that the later Peugeot 206 (2003 onwards) models' lights indicator swich is not as easily separatable as it was described by other users. You would not be able to take just an indicator off - you would need to take all the unit (including windows' wiper switch, etc) off and that would mean probably taking the steering wheel off too. I tried to take the indicator switch off unsuccessfully which resulted in total damage of it and needing to purchase a whole new unit costing £180 + up to £50 to get it fitted. You can take the main plastic cover around the st. wheel off using Torx 20 screwdriver but then you might get stuck!

March 2009
I had the same problem and have just fixed it thanks to this great post. Note that you need a T20 torx screwdriver to undo the 2 screws on the underside of the cowling and a T10 to undo the 2 screws holding in the indicator stalk. I also changed the pins - thanks Louise. All seems fine now.

March 2009
thank you very much rik you saved me money from buying a new switch and avoiding the garage , the indicater works perfectly all i spent was to buy a torx screwdriver , thanks again

March 2009
I'm probably being thick but how do you open the block?

March 2009
we have just had the same problem and followed riks advice with one change, which was to swap the worn indicator pin with one in the light unit, also make sure you have a torx hed screwdriver to remove the outer casing from the steering wheel (it saves a lot of time to know that one), pretty fiddly but saved on garage bills!!! thanks Rik

February 2009
Our left indicator is stuck on. The stalk goes back to the centre and the right indicator works fine but the lights for the left indicator are all still on. Any ideas?

January 2009
my left indicator comes on and stays on. i've no idea where to start on fixing it. anyone know any garages that will fix it?

January 2009
i tried exactly what rik works like a dream thanks a lot pal.

January 2009
Mine has just started doing it too, so glad of this site, as I told my partner and he thought that I was barmy!

Going to try these solutions, so cheers guys

December 2008
yes my indicators keep coming on what shall i do and how much will it be to fix

December 2008
i too had same problem, my left indicator kept coming on when it felt like it, bit embaressing really ! i followed jims instructions (above) and it works great. thank you !!

December 2008
further to Andy's comment I have this same problem. Very helpful Scott what a shame you wrote in gibberish.

October 2008
The fixer's post is correct the spring loaded contact, which slides in a track inside the indicator stalk unit, when the indicator stalk is moved, wears down over time and sometimes wears down unevenly. I cleaned the track/contact area and simply turned the spring loaded contact round, so the unworn parts of the contact were seated in the track, I also filed down the unworn edges slightly and evenly so it does not twist back to its old position when used. It works fine and you should get many years out of it before the contact is completely worn out and the indicator stalk unit will need replacing.

BTW it is a fiddly job but don't be afraid it really is not that difficult. To get to the indicator stalk unit you simply remove the covers around the steering column and undo 2 screws which hold it in place, you may have to adjust the steering wheel position with the lever to get it out but it just slides out. The indicator unit itself splits into 3 sections which have push fit locking joints, which will require jewelers screw drivers x2 to separate and of course the section you need to repair is the last section of the unit!! If you are not sure what contact does what, bear in mind the functions the stalk controls and just look at the mechanisms, it should become obvious what does what, if all else fails you can always put it back together and go and buy a new indicator stalk unit from the dealer, as it just slides in and out of the steering column.

August 2008
ive got same problem , found that opening the sterring column does work , read the above , i think they have it sorted

February 2008
Hey, I have the same problem. Will try these solutions -- thanks.

Scott -- it helps if you write in English ;)

November 2007
i had the same truble! i went trou every thing checked all the connection on the wiring loom, steering wheel alignment,new stork,hazad switch, went throu the lot, i hav since sorted the problem an it came down 2 a little pcb board urder the fulse board in side the car! if the problem is the same! when ur indercator stops on next time go o the very bottom of the board an goin from right 2 left pull the 4th 1 out this will knock the indecators out all 2 geather wait 4about an hr an try the fulse sum times it work,a new borad from pug is around the 350 mark plus 65 2 program it, i got mine out of a brakers yard 4 60 an then got a block out the autotrader 2 program 4 30 pounds,my car is a s reg 1999 206 diesel an i,ve also been told this is a common fault on these cars.

April 2007
Clare, i had the same problem,What you need to do is remove the housing around the steering wheel,light and wiper lever.
Remove the two screws and the electrical connector on the block at the end of the lever,Then open the block and clean the steel tracks (They are shorted with metal filings from the steel pin that connects them). Re-assemble and you are good to go,Good luck

The fixer
August 2005


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