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philips magnavox projection t.v. model 9P6040CI?

my t.v. has lost its picture. at first the picture went small & then back to normal with a green and red line on each side. then the picture would go small and was bright white. now it want show a picture

November 2007
I found a part and did it myself for less than $50. Check out

This guy put the instructions together and sells the part cheap in defiance of the tv technician that fixed his tv and charged him $300! I like that move...

October 2008
I have a Philips Magnavox 60" with that same problem. It was checked by a Sears technician. He told me that the problem was with the regulators; but that I would have to buy the board, known to the technical people as a PCB. I enter this site because I am looking for this part. I have the part number for my tv.
I hope I have help you

PJP Puerto Rico

Pedro Pabon
March 2008
I also have the same question as above, Please help.....

Doug Bohannon
November 2007


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