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Qualcast B43 2stoke Petrol Strimmer - non starter?

I have owned a Qualcast B43 petrol strimmer for a number of years and it's always been a bit temperamental, and that's putting it very mildly. I had it serviced about a year ago and it did improve the starting but now it's taken a turn for the worse and won't run. I replaced the plug, emptied out old petrol, but nothing. Garden centre guy suggested pouring some petrol into plug hole which I tried but it only seemed to run for about a second - I guess until the petrol ran out. So I'm thinking petrol starvation. Any suggestions would be very welcome but have to say, I'm not that handy with a box of spanners and a few screwdrivers. You know the kind of thing - easy to take it apart but then what - and I usually find that that bit didn't need to come off or apart anyway! Here's hoping.

S T Rimmer
October 2008
Hi,bought a petrol mower that starts then won't ..very frustrating for me and qualcast...anyone out there to help?

John T
October 2014
hi just borrowed a quelcast strimmer and the spool is jammed on anyone have any ideas to get it off

August 2011
hi i am having the exact same problem, when i try and prime more fuel through, there seems to be a blockage somewhere, I have checked the pipes to and from the petol tank they are all clear, After trying to blow some air through the carb, this still has not cleared it.
I know it is a walbro but have not idea what model it is? where do you get these details. My grass is so long the neighbours will be complaining. Thanks to K3 for advice I will give that a go.

Barney Fitzpatrick/ Ire
April 2009
Hi, I have a 22 year old Qualcast B43 that has shown all the signs of petrol starvation. About a year ago I cleaned out the carb & replaced parts with a service kit with limited success! This year the same symptoms have appeared (problems starting/not revving properly/ cutting out). After ruling out other possibilities ( checking that a spark present/fuel line letting fuel pass but not sucking in airlocks or bubbles/ & checking air filter not clogged etc). I replaced the carb! This seems to have done the job! The original carb was a Walbro WT-24. I replaced it with a brand new WT-526 (a later equivalent), that I bought off Ebay from a supplier in the U.S.A. They are readily available with prices ranging from about £6 to £13 including postage. The only modification required was to remove the central plastic spline holding the air filter in place because the new carb has longer adjustment screws. I also blocked the carbs redundant fuel return pipe (below the adjustment screws) with the end of a wooden toothpick. Then a quick tweak on the fuel setting adjustment screws & the strimmer runs with more gusto than it has for years. I hope this is of help to you!

October 2008


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