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Intermittently doesn't turn on?

I have two televisions in my house that both experinced the same symptoms.
Please excuse me as I dont have the make and models of either on me right now.One day the larger TV wouldn't turn on. We pushed the power on button over and over again, so I went out and bought a new TV. When we were about the throw it out, we plugged it in and tried it one more time..the stupid thing turned on..and hasent had a problem since.
Then i went out and bought a used 13" for my sons room. The Exact same thing happened to this one, but because of the experience with the larger one, we waited a while and it turned on. Now Im afraid to shut either Unit off. Can anyone offer any suggestions? And all the power outlets in my house work great and wouldnt turn on with the remote control or the power switch.

LeAnn Chater
November 2003
The fuse in the TV may be screwed up. If you take the back cover off the TV, Look by the power supply and you will see a fuse. If it is busted, put a new one there.

October 2006
I too had the same problem, and was about to throw it away when I realised that I had swopped the power cable that plugs into the back of the tv with the one from the video.

When I swopped them back it worked fine. Hope this helps.

May 2004


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