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How can I mend my Ferguson TV Model F2206LVD please?


I have a Ferguson TV, model-F2206LVD. Yesterday I just moved it to clean underneath & now it won't work at all. I changed the batteries on remote several times, and changed the fuse several times and still not working.Any advice appreciated asap please, but not too technical -as I can't start opening up the TV etc.Works by remote only. All other appliances working fine, and it's been working perfectly until then -wierd!

Thanks very much!

October 2022
Can't find an instruction manual to check but is there a separate mains switch (as distinct from the standby/on button) probably at the back, side or underneath, that you could have inadvertently turned off?

October 2022
All plugs fully in thanks.Any other advice please?

October 2022
Is the mains lead plug pushed fully home in the back of the set?
If the power supply is a separate block is the mains connector pushed fully home?

October 2022


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