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The sound keeps going off?

The sound keeps going off, but if you touch the headphone outlet with metal it comes back on again what is wrong?

Elizabeth May
August 2003
i was talking to my dad about using wd-40, and he suggested that you use rubbing alcohol instead of wd-40, as wd-40 is prone to leaving a film. i dont think you want that on your headphone jack, as it might further distort the sound.


Mike of the Jungle
March 2004
Sounds like either a component fault on the PCB (unlikely) or the most common fault that causes this - a worn or dirty contact on the headphone socket.
I have this problem with my protable in my bedroom, I occasionally use headphones, and the cheapo connectors manufacturers use wear down quickly - the main speakers are switched off when the headphone socket is inserted, and sound is fed only to your headphones.

When the sound goes off on my TV, I usually throw stuff at it, or hit it. If I must, i get up and wiggle the socket, or touch it with the headphone plug & all is well for a while.

The repair is simple (I'm just too lazy, but I am sick of seeing PCB's all day as I am an engineer) You could either spray your headphone plug with WD40 a few times & plug it in & out a bit - this will solve the muck problem.
Take it to bits;
(only if you know what you are doing!!!!! - seriously, you can be killed / injured / thrown across a room by voltages in a TV),
and clean the contacts with WD40 and a cotton bud or something.
(or go to an electronics shop & buy a replacement socket & fit that)

Best bet is to find a local electronics geek (like me!) and have them fix it for scraps of food... or money...
(Hope this helps, have never used this 'forum' before - was actually after boiler help, but thought i'd pitch in :)

D Laverick
August 2003

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