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Braun Type 4736 toothbrush. ?

I have a Braun Type 4736 toothbrush which will no longer re-charge. This appears to be a sealed unit & I assume I cannot replace the battery. Can someone in the repair/replacement business tell me if I can replace this unit & give me a price? It is an older unit but very good & I would like to replace it with the same model.

Doug Doughty
May 2009
Hi JASON at BRAUN SERVICE 01273 734424

Do you ship to U.S.? Do you have an email address?

Tim Warren
June 2017
anybody know if you can buy other parts for this model? The steel shaft that holds the toothbrush head, broke in half on mine.

John Hurst
August 2014
I, too, have a 4736 in need of battery replacement.
Where, how, and cost to have you replace battery
or a new handle if one exists.

Howard Patton
January 2014
and of course, after finishing this I found better instructions, with pictures:

(is for Braun type 3728, which is very/completely similar to Braun 4736)

Wim Moreau
February 2011
Braun 4736 battery replacement

Contradictory to previous post: YOU CAN OPEN IT (maybe the poster is a bit too keen on selling new handles???). Replacing the battery will require soldering though.

Put something suitable in the hole at the bottom of the toothbrush, and turn it about 45 degrees count clockwise, at the same time pushing it in slightly. This opens the bayonet, and let the bottom lid come loose. Be a bit careful: there is a (not too strong) spring pushing it down, and the part being turned holds the coil of the charger which is attached with 2 relatively thin wires.

To get access to the battery, you need to slide the internals out of the outer shell. Therefor you first need to remove the white closing/sealing ring at the top (approx. 10mm diameter, 2mm high), by gently prying it upwards wit a flat screwdriver or the like, between it and the pale blue rubber. Done that, slide the internals out buy placing the metal tip on the table and pushing the case downwards.

Now desolder the two contacts that connect the motor to the electronics board, and slide the white plastic (electronics, battery and coil) module off. There are two small retractor hooks ("barbs"?) that hold the thing in place.

Desolder battery. Replace. Assemble again.

Battery is 16.7mm diameter, 42.7mm long. That is 4/5AF size, NiMH. Marking: GLH.
Measured 1.2V (empty battery). In case you forgot to note down polarity: positive side towards motor.1

Looking for how to open it: 45' of work. Replacing actual battery: 15'. Typing this: 15'

Video of more or less similar rerplacement:

Possible replacement battery:
4/5AF size, NiMH

Wim Moreau
February 2011
Hi Doug, I am an authorised Braun service dealer and can supply a new handle for you. The handle is an upgrade but still fits your charger exactly and costs £25 inc p+p. This handle in a retail box would sell for £89 !! If I can help you further just contact me.

JASON at BRAUN SERVICE 01273 734424
May 2009


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