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Electric Toothbrushes

Mend Mend Bathroom Appliances, Electric Toothbrushes

Although the appliance is plugged in, as usual, no life..!?

Is is worth buying a new base/motor?
If yes, how do I remove the old one?
everything seems tightly connected, I have doubts about the whole thing.

Braun 4728.; Made in Germany, no other number.


June 2011
I would think that the motor is ok, Rechargable batteries do wear out, I do not consider that they are worth replacing, on a unit such as this. Although I have no problem with replacing them, i,e I know how. I do not. On some thing like a recharable tooth brush, which I use all the time, I just replace, Look around for offers, some are 1/2 price at this time, the brush heads seem to be the most expensive, so look for offers which incude brush heads, Boots did have an offer on last week, don't know if still on. Cheaper to buy a new unit than have the batteries replaced, down to our throw away society.

June 2011


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