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white smoke from exhaust?

What started as a straight forward oil change has become a bit of a problem. We drained all the oil out of the sump as normal, replaced the oil filter and decided to check the plugs The car is a three cylinder twin cam daihatsu charade GTXX Turbo with the plugs accessed from the top. After pulling off the first lead i noticed that the plug chamber was full of old oil. I soaked up all the oil with a cloth and pulled out the plug. I decided to wait before changing all the plugs however there may have been a small amount of oil and possibly water flow down into the chamber. I started the car and a lot of white smoke and carbon deposit came out. The car is a turbo but i'm concerned whether its is safe to try and run the vapour off or whether there is going to be a major problem.

What should i do from here??? any help or ideas appreciated

February 2006
Thanks all sorted now...much appreciated!

February 2006
Take the plugs back out,leave them out.
Spray round where the plugs sit with wd40 then turn the car over for about 10 seconds,then just leave the plugs out and the pots open to the air for about an hour then put back together see how it is.

February 2006

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