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IBM Thinkpad 600, error code query?

Error codes 161, 192, 163 appear at 'startup'.
On correcting date and time and pressing 'return', error code 192 shows.
On completing the series of checks prompted on screen
error 192 remains.
Does 192 indicate a faulty or dead battery?
If so what type of battery would I need to replace it with? Many thanks, N. Morrell

Nick Morrell
October 2009
i have a ibm thinkpad 600e and it has a password at the starting when u boot up i forgot the password so how may i access my laptop

neil xaveir
October 2009
Your ThinkPad is dropping the CMOS setup data because of a bad CMOS backup battery.

If you go to you will be able to download a Hardware Maintenance Manual for your ThinkPad. It will show what type of battery and how to replace it.

October 2009

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