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Think pad T20 shoes disc error and wont start?

I have an IBM T20 think pad 2647, i think it may have a virus. when i start it up the IBM logo can be seen on the screen along with the option to press F12 or F1 if teft the t20 bleeps and displays "a disk error occurred press ctrl+alt+del to re start" sadly this dose not fix the problem. i Read holding down the on button with battery and power disconnected would re set the pad.... that did not work either.
oh it dosent even give the option of safe mode as i read if it did i could run a virus killer through it HELP!! Many thanks Rob

June 2011
A disk error at that point means that either the Hard Disk is kaput and needs replacing or the boot sector of the Operating System is corrupt. In either case there is no keystroke sequence that can help.

In the case of the former you need to replace the hard disk however before you do that, I'd try a recovery disk. You should have made one but if you haven't, you'll need to borrow or buy one. (In the later case, from Lenovo.)

July 2011

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