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Sony JA20ES minidisc.....needing repair?

Hi....I use this minidisc recorder, as an integral part of my studio set up....the drawer has decided not to open,.....this has happened in the past, and I have managed to take it into a dealer to be the same dealer is saying it's too old to be fixed......I really don't believe that, it's a decent bit of kit and very reliable apart from the drawer mechanism wearing out.....the rest is in great working order, and it has all the in's and out's a gal needs in her studio, including optical and coaxial....wouldn't sony still have parts for this?...I really don't want to replace it...any ideas?
Kind Regards

November 2009
you can get a new belt which I did from Classic Audio Service I had same problem , check belt, screw off bottom plate. there is only one belt cost about 4 euro
easy job.
If belt motor gone I am shure they can also help
see if motor turns by plugging switch and press eject, carefull not to com near electric parts.
adress Ernstr.4 90574 rosstal germany.
Ifound them on internett. My belt was very streched
and changing it cured problem.

Olav Åset Norway

Olav Åset
April 2013


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