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Read error C13 on Sony Minidisk player/recorder?

When inserting a disk into a Sony Minidisk player recorder the symbol for reading the disc does not spin the disc ejects and a Read error C13 displays in the panel. Does this mean that the player lens requires cleaning and if so how. Or is there something more sinister wrong

Bernie D Bedfordshire
October 2010
I have a sony mds-je480 with c13 error. I cleaned the lazer lens with a cotton bud plus video head cleaning fluid. It threw up error, so I continued testing ans found that if switched my machine and then powered up bu inserting the disc again it loaded ok. Im still persisting this method. So far it works. I hope this works for you. best wishes Reg.

Old Aged Reg.
July 2019
Read Error C13toto mi hlásí mds-je440 prosím poradte pokud možno česky :o) děkuji Schlagel

Jan Schlägel
May 2011


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