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Seized Peerless transmission & rusted on wheels?

Many thanks to Phil and Husqvarna man for their helpful advice on my broekn down Westwood. I still can't move the selector, so it seems likely that it's an internal problem in the Peerless Model No. 801030 transmission. I'm now looking for a source of parts in Ireland.

As Phil warned, the wheels are rusted into place - any tips on getting them off would be much appreciated. There is a keyway - do I have to try to remove the key first?

Colin Haynes
April 2010
i've got the wheels off by hanging the transmission and both wheels vertically on two blocks of wood, stradling two workbenches and then drifting the shaft out of the suspended wheel with a chisel and large hammer from the top, remember to catch the other wheel and box as the shaft comes out of the fixed upper wheel.

but I now want to strip the gearbox and I cant split it, with all the bolts out it seems to by held internally - any idea where I can get a drawing of the gearbox internals?

June 2012
If the wheel hubs are seized to the shafts you have a real problem, you may have to strip the gearbox with them in situe, once the box is apart you can remove the half shafts with the wheels attached, they can then be pressed out with a hydraulic press, i will try to find out who the dealer is in Ireland.

Husqvarna man
April 2010


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