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How I can I get onto the Internet ?

I can log onto my computer but it will not allow me to access the Internet at all. It just says there has been an error. I have run my computer in safe mode and run the system restore but my laptop is still not letting me into the internet. I am connnected to the intenet by the way so that is not the problem. Please help :)

Kelly Fullthorpe
February 2011
try using a different CPU chip i had the same problem but i changed my CPU and it works great! give it a try if not try formatting Ur computer but remember to back-up anything you need to keep!!

August 2011
Can you post the exact text of the error message?

Safe mode say Windows, but what version?

How do you connect:
Wi-Fi, an ethernet cable, directly thru a modem...

April 2011


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