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Help me fix the carburettor tie rod back onto my GGP SV150 lawnmower?

I have a Chinese GGP SV150 engine on my MacAllister SP484 lawn mower. I have taken apart the carburettor to clean it and reassembled it, however I can't seem to be able to fit the Carburettor tie rod back on. As you can see in the SV150 Workshop manual, it shows a "Air Van kit" which my mower doesn't have. Also the carburettor tie rod (part 23) is much longer than that shown in the manual. From what I remember my Carburettor tie rod fitted into a triangle shaped item on top of the carburettor itself and the other end fitted into a hole at the rear, I think in the brake control lever (although I may be wrong). No matter what orientation I try to fit it, it doesn't go any where. Any ideas?

March 2011
HI at last found manual with clear pics

June 2011


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