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how can i fix my olympus m760?

The lens has stuck out and i get an error message which says D:
~~What is wrong and what can i do to fix it. It is outside warranty so not worth paying to mend it

March 2011
Im having the same problem with my Utough -3000 olympus camera, and i had been doing a little research and i found out that your lens needs to be replaced. Lots of people are having the same problems. I would recommend you to stop purchasing olympus products or ask your local camera store how much it would cost to get it fixed:) lucky for me mine is still under warranty but this would be the second time i have had to take mine back to the manufacturers and it hasnt even been 2 weeks :( and now its going to be gone for another 8 weeks and i needed it for easter :( good luck on your camera..

April 2011


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