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Kubota L5030 HST difficult to push pedal into reverse?

Foward works fine. Shut down tractor to inspect, and now wont start? Fluids okay. HST pedal linkage okay.

HST warning is on with intelli-panel? Checked most saftey switches.

Is there an internal problem than can cause tractor to cut out starter? And has anyon had a problem with HST reverse pedal to the point you almost have to stand on it to make it work?

Only has 180hrs. 2004 model bought new.

September 2011
Yes, sounds like what I am having except my problem is pushing the pedal forward.
As to your problem of not starting, if the tractor senses the pedal is not in neutral, it won't start as a safety precaution. Pedal needs to be in the neutral position or the starter won't work.

Tom Roberts, L2800
October 2019


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