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Blade moving too slowly to cut anything..?

Although the blade is moving round in my magimix cuisine system 5100, it's going too slowly to cut anything up. Is it the motor?

February 2012
Turn it off if you keep it running you will burn it out it over heat in that situation. 2 possiblities spring to mind if it runs all the control switches are working first problem the start capacitor is not functioning. Second the start run relay in not functioning both require parts from the service centre for these parts and it has to be opened and tested so as to exclude a third possiblity a burnt out start winding. The winding should read about 29 ohms for the run winding and about 10 ohms start winding this is the 4 wires comming from the motor a variation in the ohm readings is allowable up to about 3 ohms in either direction. The capacitor is about 50 micro farads 250 volt if its the relay its made in italy thats all i can remember french machine made in italy ??

May 2013


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