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I need help with my hitachi lcd tv model 32LD6600 B?

I have a Hitachi lcd tv model 32LD6600 B. I got it from a friend who said that when he turns it on the red led flashes once but the tv does not go on. Last week I turned it on with only the aerial plugged in and it worked fine. This weekend I plugged in the dvd player and freeview box that worked fine with my old crt tv and a similar problem arose. The red led comes on, the green led comes on for about two seconds and then nothing happened. I have since disconnected the dvd player and the freeview box but the same thing happens. Can you help? I have a fairly good knowledge of electronics so I'll understand any technical descriptions that you may give. If not I'll get back to you.

Jan Modelski
March 2012
when the tv aborts power up can you hear a clicking sound coming from the power regulator board,? if you listen carefully and you do,then to
replace the lvds cable (p/n: vs30041693) and add a 47uf(p/n: vs30000396, cap el47uf16v) electrolytic capacitor to power regulation board .

Check the uf caps on the board for bulging or venting,

resolder all bad joints if any are suspect,

I think the issue lies with the power board.

March 2012


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