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What is the fastest application which burns data DVD?

Do CD/DVD burner application vary in the amount of time they take to burn a disk? I ask because some seem to take ages to prepare what they are going to burn whilst other don't.

What is the best free one?

March 2012
The best software for DVD creation is Nero http://www.nero.com/enu/ You can pick whichever you think is more suitable for you by the description. I use Nero Kwik Burn http://softwarepuppy.com/review/Nero-Kwik-Burn.html and for me it is more than sufficient.

Kathy K
March 2014
ImgBurn is a good free program. I find this the fastest and generally best one I have used.

July 2013
It's very hard to compare.
To get a meaningfull comparaison, you need to test on the same computer with the same target files in the same locations.

Some are more reliable at the cost of taking more time to prepare the operation. That preparation involve making temporary copies of the files to be copied in a single image file that will get sent as a single unit.
Other will simply take the various files where they are and sent them one by one directly to the burner. This can provoque some interuptions in the burning process that can cause some file corruption and other errors.

Two places from where you can get clean downloads. Do a search, read the users reviews and take your pick.

http://www.cnet.com/ (mouse over "Downloads" and chose your operating system)

Those sites always do thourough testing of all proposed downloads to suppress those loaded with suspicious content.

April 2012
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