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Frister & Rossmann 504. How to lengthen stitch?

I am trying to get my Mum's machine up and running. It works fine but stitches are absolutely tiny. Turning control for stitch length seems to make no difference. Have double checked threading both above and on bobbin. It will reverse stitch. Any ideas?

Pam D
April 2012
if you turn the dial and nothing happen it can only mean there is a problem with movement of feeddog,try cleaning and oil parts associated with stitch lenght and you may win

April 2012
Problem with stitch lenght control, The control adjusts internally, the amount of movement from the grip feet. If no change, fault or material is slipping, increase pressure on the foot, if no change, try without material, moving the control, by turning by hand, you should be able to see amount of movement on the base feet, while turning, and changing stitch size, you should be able to see a difference in the movement, If you can, material slipping

April 2012


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