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I have a P5Kc turning off and on?

Hello, I have a Asus P5KC motherboard that keeps restarting itself before I can get to the bios screen or anything, Memory fine ,PSU and CPU.
Ive just had to have the bios chip reflahed to see if it helps but still the same. tried one stick of memory etc but to no avail, Anyone had a similar problem or any ideas whats wrong.
Martin Fox

Martin Fox
July 2012
Me to. Symptoms are the same. I tried different RAM, different PSU. Took out graphics. Reset BIOS. Unpluged disks and DVD.

No change. It keeps rebooting. It must be ***d.

September 2013
Check the CPU fan.
Also, make sure that the heat sink is clean and free of dust. Maybe it's NOT sitting properly on the CPU, causing it to overheat very fast.

July 2012

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