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how can i regester my NATS radio casset player on nissan almera 2002?

hi my radio casset player is not working and on it's diplay i can see the word PHONE so anyone plz can help? thank you so much

September 2012
thanks for replying but stil i dont know how to fix it, as the radio player has no wifi or blutuoth and is not connected to any divise as long as i know it was working few month ago the turned up PHONE since that time for some resane only 2 days on & off was working

June 2013
"PHONE" is not related to the lock-out, it's most likely a wiring problem. This indicates that the radio is muted by a connected phone system.

If the radio was locked-out, it would be showing one of these messages: "CODE", "CODE IN", "INVALID EQ", "CHECK TH12HW", "WAIT", "SECURE" or "LOCKED".

November 2012

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