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Problem with Emerson model # LHD32K20US serial # 9TD3aJ11300503902276?

I purchased the TV November, 2011.I have tried:
unplugging from outlet unplugging all accessories (Wii and antenna) waiting for an entire day to reboot
The indicator light goes from the off mode (red) to flashing red/blue and the set does not come on.
Is there anything else I can try?

October 2012
That model Emerson is well known for having a faulty power switch. The power button its self works fin but the logic control board that actually triggers the internal relay to turn it on is faulty. It will take an Emerson Tech or TV repair person to fix it, but it is common with that model and will be somewhat easy to fix.

As you can see here it is a common thing with Emerson TVs

If you need a technician service, here you are a tech website

October 2012


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