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No photos with email?

When I receive emails that should contain photos they are not shown, all that appears in place of the photo is   I get the envelope sign that indicates an attachment but no photos. I am using Internet Explorer, my emails are sent from I hope that someone out there can help solve this problem, many thanks in advance.

February 2013
You use a webmail service. Usualy, by default, they don't display images as they "may contain some exploit" that can compromise your computer if it's not properly up to date or you still use internet explorer 6 on windows 98, SE or ME.

You should have a link to display the images from this message, with the option to always display images from that particuliar sender. It's normaly in a band at the top of the message.

You also can download the images by right-clicking the place olders and sellect "Save as...".

For a word, or any other ms office documents, you can use Open Offoce or Libre Office (both free)

If you opt to install Quicktime, be sure to NOT get the full version included with iTune. Turn OFF the auto-update and regularly perform manual update checks and manualy install the updates WITHOUT iTune or it's other components. Quicktime is not installed on my computer and I don't miss anything.
One time, the light version of quicktime stealthily updated itself to the full quicktime, that, in turn, stealthily auto-updated itself to iTune WITHOUT my concent. After uninstalling everything, I still had about 200 Mb of leftover crap that I had to manualy suppress.

If your corespondent send you images in Quicktime format, ask him to send them to you in a standard, universal, format like JPG or PNG.

You can use IrfanView to view images, videos and play sounds in about any format. It's a totaly FREE download.

To Peccavi:
Re-unstall Quicktime, and manualy suppress any "Apple" folder and other stuff, and get some other, universal images viewer. When you uninstalled Quicktime, your original associations where NOT restored ON PURPOSE. It's a dirty trick to bind you. Any decent image viewer MUST restore former associations upon unstallation.

February 2013
If you got an e-mail with a Microsoft Word attachment you would need to have Microsoft Word on your machine to be able to open and view the word document - Smilarly PDF files and Adobe Acrobat.

Last week I foolishly deleted all my Apple Quick Time programmes and discovered that I could no longer see any photos that were previously OK.

I got my photographs back by re-installing Quick Time (free).

February 2013


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