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Re wiring?

Hi i have just moved into a house with a eurosec alarm system and it seems that the cequra external sounder has been disconnected from the system.
On closer inspection the sounder's wiring has been removed from all it's connectors inside the eurosec.It has the tamper link fitted across the tamper terminals also,which allows the system to be used as normal but no exterior siren.

What I would like to ask' is " does anyone know what wires go where," so i can hopefully test it out.I have already repaired the sirens wiring and iam thinking the fault on the wiring was the reason the cequra was disconnect.

Many thanks dave the pigeon man.

David bridgewater
March 2013
Coo, bell+ is your holdoff+, Coo.

e manno
March 2013
Standard wiring,
Hold off pos and neg. H+ H-
Strobe and Sounder trigger. S- R-
Tamper TR-
So 5 wire.
All available on the web.

Ignore the other terminals, as this is probably not being used to its full potential.

March 2013

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