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windows internet explorer?

When conected to the internet and try to got a different topic, I always get "windows internet explorer not responding" message. Have asked several people, they 'don't know. Can someone help Please?

October 2013
How many tool bars do you have. Chances are that all additional third party ones are useless and should be uninstalled, not just hiden or disabled.
Toolbars impose an additional load on your browser. Some are gapping security holes, while others are essentialy spywares masquarading as some suposedly "usefull" feature. Most are "side install' that come with another application. They are NEVER needed by any application they are provided with.
This step will make your browser leaner and faster. It will also liberate some disk space.

Next, look at what complementary moduls are loaded. Disable any that you don't need or use. You may want to uninstall some.
This also remove some bloat and give you back some drive sapce.

Look at the background process. You can check in the notification area next to the clock.
Quick starters and preloaders are not needed and can be totaly disabled.
Any "utility" there that you don't realy use or need should be set to NOT start with Windows. If needed, you can always start them manualy.
This step, and the following ones, will make the whole computer more effecient and responsive, not just your browser.

Maybe your drive is clogged by to many files, have insuficient space left or is severly fragmented.
Try doing some cleanup. I warmly recomend Ccleaner. It's probably one of the best maintenance tool around. Absolutely great to remove left over, no longer used, temporary files and other space consuming stuff. You should use it about monthly.
A FREE offering for home users.

Move some of your collected files to an external drive, or, if you have more than one hard drive installed, to that additional drive.
Freeing up space can often improve your performances.

A fragmented drive is a sure way to kill performances.
Get a good defragmenter. The defragmenter included with Windows is NOT good enough. Try Defraggler. It's very good, and FREE for personal use.
Defragmenting must be performed at least weekly, but NOT for any SSD drives.

Finaly, try any other browser. Chrome, Firefox and Opera are all beter offerings.

October 2013

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