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Eurosec PR5208 Mains Flt after drilling through cable?

Hi Guys
I have a Eurosec alarm in my apartment with a PR5208 control panel. About eight years ago when I moved in here I drilled through an alarm cable when installing some patio blinds. Since then the alarm has has Mains Flt error and I haven't used it in all that time!

I want to sell the apartment now so I need to get the alarm sorted.
Is there anyway I can reset the system myself and perhaps disable the lounge PIR sensor or will I need to call out an engineer?

Many thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.

Richard in Manchester
April 2014
Hi guys
A big thank you for your advice, it is much appreciated. The main fuse and one small glass fuse had blown, also the battery was completely dead. I ordered a new battery from eBay and replaced fuses and the alarm is working for the first time in eight years! I didn't need to jump any connection as all zones seem to still be working.
I saved loads on calling someone out to repair it so I can spend that money on the family holiday instead ......

A big thank you again for taking the time to share your advice.

Best wishes

Richard in Manchester
April 2014
Don't forget a new battery :)

May as well replace it whilst your in the panel because there's a serious chance it's buggered.

e manno
April 2014
turn mains power off,open the panel check to see what zone the lounge sensor is on,short it out by putting a cable across the zone,check for any blown fuse replace them,close panel ,press reset or put in your pin number hope this helps

April 2014


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