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What is wrong with my F and P Washing Machine? (MW512)?

Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine
Model: MW512
Product: 92194-B

Today my washing machine stopped working mid wash, at around the rinse cycle I think.
The machine began beeping continuously and the following lights turned amber - first, and second to last, if you're looking from the left.

Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with the machine, if I can fix it myself (how?) or if I need to get a repairman in? Thank you!

May 2014
Sorry, I answered this but just realised it never showed up for some reason. The lights that are on are the very first one (Long wash) and the 2nd to last one (the one in between rinse and spin).

May 2014
Can you confirm that when it beeps, the lights along the top row that are on are the spin & rinse light. All others are off.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
May 2014

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