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How to replace Braun Trimmer in Series 7 790cc?

Hi - I was too ham fisted extending the trimmer on my Braun 7 series shaver - 790cc. The result was that the trimmer was over extended and popped out of its guides and now totally loose. The bottom spring seems to be ok as well as the plastic parts, but I can't seem to find a way to get it back into position. I've searched for guides on the internet without success.
Can anybody help? Thanks a lot

Cos P
September 2014
Hello, sorry I have a similar problem but can't seem to disassemble the trimmer part. How exactly does the slider (I mean the thing you usually operate with your thumb to extend/retract the trimmer) come off? Am I supposed to just get some flat tool under the slider and lift it up? I just don't know if I'll break anything by doing that.

December 2014
The trimmer plate has probably broken at this you will need to replace. As a main Braun supplier we could help with this and also provide a technical sheet to show how. Once the shaver is apart you will need to remove the trimmer plate up out of the front housing and then replace the broken unit, we always use some baby oil or grease to help the new plate back in. Simply reassemble! Shout if you need further help.

Jason at SUSSEXSPARES 01273 329898
November 2014
Hi, I just repaired mine!
You need to take the slide off, which is easy...
Use a knife or similar to unclip it, when off make sure the little black part on the spring is to the front of the slider..
On the cutter mechanism part there are 2 parts of the spring sticking out, they need to go into the slider at an angle so both parts sort of want spring apart...
To put back together you need to extend both parts to the closed position, holding them firmly in place while you click the slider back in!!
You will need patience, I hope I've explained properly and good luck!!

Ray Heffer
October 2014


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