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why arnt my ghds heating up?

How can I fix my ghds they were working fine then stop heating up?

January 2015
The bad news is their are various components that can fail in a GHD, the good news is they can all be replaced, it is just a matter of diagnosing the fault and repairing. If you check out my website we do all the hardwork for you and return with 3 month warranty for only £19.50.

February 2015
go to your search engine type in thermal fuses for,and you will see the page that has the thermal fuse for your ghd,s they cost £2.99

January 2015
its either the elements or more likely the thermal fuse,you girls just leave the things on till they over heat and the thermal fuse ruptures to save the elements ,the fuse needs replaced

January 2015


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