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How do I fix a Hisense LED TV model No: HL40V78P?


The Tv is displaying yellow and green images and has odd vertical lines. The TV seems to have 3 main pcb's. There is a power supply pcb , Tuner and audio pcb and Inverter pcb. The Inverter is a Samsung SS1400_08A01.

Is the inverter pcb causing the odd images?


David Yee
March 2015
Judging from the faults , this is a common fault in a lot of LCD TV Panels.

The actual issue belongs to what is called a T-Con Board which should be located centre top underneath a metal shield.

If you follow either the ribbon cable or a bunch of cables going up to the top middle ( From the tuner and audio pcb ) , then that's where the board is.

They can be cheap to replace, since this acts as a buffer between the LCD Panel itself and the Mainboard.

You remove this shield and it will have 2 ribbon cable connectors attached to the top of it. You have to make sure you get the same identical board from the model number, which should be on a white sticker or the board itself.

Hope this helps.

March 2015


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