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aprilia habana custom 125cc running problem ?

Hi there, iv got an aprilia habana 125 scooter that won't run properly when hot or cold it won't go over half throttle it jus bogs out an dies down to jus above tick over I've checked spark, cleaned jets an carb out but it's still the same I don't really want to scrap it but it's getting to that point
Plz help
Cheers dave

October 2015
one more thing have you checked the accelerator pump on the carb is squirting fuel up into the venturi when you open and close the throttle as the arms have a habit of corroding and sticking in the open position.

adam bike doctor (milton keynes motorcycle centre)
October 2015
Hi Adam I'll ave a look at all uv listed at the wk-end
Thanks for ur help it's much appreciated

October 2015
there are a few things it could be ill put them in order of most probable first,
The diaphragm in the top of the carb could be split and not lifting the slide up with air when you open the throttle ,it can also not be seated properly around the top of the carb and diaphragm cap ,this will also cause an air leak.
The slide could be stuck in the carb.
The air filter could be badly blocked.
The exhaust could have collapsed inside and blocked up and stopping the gases from escaping.
The valve timing may have slipped ,its unlikely but possible if the cam chain is loose.
The cdi unit is limiting the revs,this can happen if the rev limiter in the cdi is cutting in too early due to being faulty,again not likey but possible.

adam bike doctor (milton keynes motorcycle centre)
October 2015


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