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multimeter for dewalt vs jig saw switch?

What kind of numbers should i be looking at for the motor connections and numbers for vs connections?

November 2015
You need to check the switch - the incoming mains to one side of it - very probably blue & brown - the other wires to the motor on the other side of the switch - if there are more than two wires on the motor side then you'll have to guess or wait for the wiring diagram.

more Good Luck...
November 2015
They usually have a buzzer - it buzzes when the two probes are connected and fails to buzz when they're not connected - short circuit (continuity) and open circuit (disconnected)

Draw a map of the switch contacts - use the buzzer to show connectivity between the switch terminals - operate the switch - use the buzzer to show the change.

With no buzzer (unlikely) use a resistance (ohms) range - big numbers = open circuit & small numbers (like zero) = short circuit. You can test this merely by touching the probes together.

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November 2015


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