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how do I solve this ?

My gilera runner vxr 200 does not start nor is it turning over
But there's a clicking sound in the starter when ever I press the start button is it the relay the problem in this matter .

February 2016
I have the same issue I have 3 car batteries and 3 bike batteries as well as a new battery in the vxr200 scooter.

No matter what battery I use all I hear is the starter relay on the rh tail section click when I press the starter button. No voltage seems to reach the starter motor.

Also, directly powering the stater it only throws out the starter bendix gear, as soon as it mates with the crank ring gear it won't turn the engine over.

The engine is not seized and I have even tried a new starter bendix assy in thinking it may not be meshing.

No joy

So my issues

Power to starter motor

If power does feed the starter it only engages the bendix it won't turn the engine over as if the engine is seized BUT ITS not it turns over freely without the s plug in by hand off the ring gear when I removed the drive train casing.

Atm it's getting power to the starter that's my main concern I'm sure the other issue may be a weak starter motor.

February 2016
Charge the battery - or put in a new one.

The battery has voltage enough to make the starter relay but not enough energy available to turn the engine over.

You press the start button - the start relay makes - high current flows to the starter - the battery can't cope and the voltage drops to a very low level - the starter relay drops out because of the low voltage - current stops flowing - the voltages rises enough to set the starter relay and it all repeats.

You hear a click-click clickety click.

It's a weak battery....

Good Luck...
February 2016

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