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Flymo strummer maxi trim 430 leaking petrol?

Petrol leaking where yellow fuel line enters the bottom of the tank.
I can push it in and out of the tank but it does not feel tight enough .
The fuel line is yellow and has a float? attached to the tank end that rattles about.
Can I seal it with something or is a new tube required?

June 2016
I had the same problem with mine. Just replace the old fuel line with a new one. It can be tight and a bit fiddly to do. I found also, that the old fuel line was so compressed it was causing fuel stavation.

Matt Longmore
July 2016
Ive got the same problem. I found the filter inside tank in loose. Question is how it was fixed?
I can't find instruction of manuals for fix this part.

June 2016
Could be a new tank is required.

Parts diagrams here:,159049:634291&model_ref=557707&illustration_ref=1082494&page=2

June 2016
Amazon will sell you a fuel line repair kit quite cheaply

The float thing will be a fuel filter

Good Luck...
June 2016


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